Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a couple of pics
of other favs of mine!

Look at us! Aren't we having fun? This is Cassie, Bear's sister and his mom in their St.George home.

Now, this is our man Colby. What a cutie!!

Cute...look at Sarah ...Colby's wife.
We love the Larsens!!

Check out these two handsome dudes!! My heart swells just to lay my eyes upon them. We are so blessed with our families!

Three Generations...pretty cute, huh?

Amazing. These are two of my very most favorite people in the whole wide world. Doesn't hurt that they are related also...Are we a great threesome?
We've come a loooonnnggg way baby!! Haha!

Just the two of us!

I think until I get the hang of this Blog thing, I am going to be rather random (surprise!) with family photos. Here is one I love. They could almost be the same person at different ages! Mother and son, what could be more precious!

And this is the whole fam damily!

How very cool we are! And so big!! You might notice Ali's tummy. That lump is now a beautiful little boy named Wyatt! How time flies.

Well, this is the beginning!

Here we see Bear, John, Jaimi, Crystal, Jodie, Max and Dan. We are a happy family...don't you think so?