Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures...the grand finale...

Gotta get a picture of the cake! I love the reaction of Sheri, who is behind John.

Friends and family

Notice the beautiful view behind everyone. It was breathtaking!

RJ and Judy

I call John "RJ" for Referend John. Of course, he introduced himself as Reverend Love during the skit the night before the wedding. In truth, they went on the computer to have John Holbrook get the "authority" to perform the marriage ceremony. The wedding was at their cabin and the place Jaimi likes best in the world, next to her own home.

Does she look happy?? You bet she does!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A brand new family!

I would like to introduce John and Jaimi White with Sophie (Maid of Honor) and Kysha.
What a happy family!!

The Wedding

Is this real?

Yes, and aren't we happy!!!

You may now kiss the bride!


Looking impatient, don't you think???

Maybe alittle nervous???

Here comes the bride!

Of course, there has to be a party the night before. Here we see some interesting gifts for their up coming Hawaii honeymoon. Jaimi didn't think it fit..hahahah....
Sophie, the maid of honor was present... and willing!

The day before.

Then off to Holland Lake and the 1937 cabin...very quaint, don't you think?
Then, of course, the groom. Name, John Michael White. Fishing off the dock. He likes to fly fish.

Holland Lake

So, what do you think???? More to follow....


Then on to Montana to see the Jaim. Always a favorite trip. Here she is on her porch in her new swing. Looking good, Jaim!

A quick trip to St. George (over one night..). We now have two green Lazy-boy rocker recliners in our living room. We found Yvette and visited with her. She is Bear's youngest sister.

Greg has the toys!!

Fun times when Greg decided we should go four wheeling! I am such the city every turn, I am reminded! (That's me on the right - I am actually smiling)
Greg is ever the REAL cowboy, said I topped out at 6 embarrassing!!!

This little cutie pie is Aspen Jade. She lives with her Nanna and Papa and Great-gramma Idonna in Eagle Mountain at Lehi, Utah. We spent time with her while we visited Stephanie and mom (Idonna).

Salt Lake City

We went to the Joseph Smith movie and dinner at the JS Building (?) in Salt Lake. THese are family. Bear's brothers Greg and Don and their wives Judy and Katherine. We had such a good time and it was great to see them! After dinner we walked around and sat at the reflection pool. I caught a couple of great pictures of the SL temple. Very nice eve.

Whew!! What a busy couple of weeks!

We met with Colby and Sarah for dinner. Look at this cool couple of "to-be" parents! We love these guys. We had a great time and Sarah managed to keep her food down...Yea, Sarah!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My son and his family went to Alaska on vacation this past week. Look at their handsome faces. They had a BALL!! Maybe it wasn't such a good day for the fish.