Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, so I keep reading about favorites. Favorite this and favorite that. I have been thinking about favorites...
Favorite all time book...Charm School by Nelson DeVille...
Favorite all time movie...Deceived starring Goldy Hawn
Favorite hobby...reading and watching movies...hahahahaaaa
Favorite all time book..."Me? I don't know" (That is a quote)
Favorite all time movie...Sniper (VietNam)
Favorite hobby...Golf...who has time to read or watch movies when you can play golf!

Just a little teaser. I have another blog for my geneology. Can you tell who these two little guys are? Take a peek in Yesteryear from this blog or go to

and check them out!

(the picture is a little larger on my Yesteryear blog:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eyelan Bear...what a cutie pie!!

Just couldn't resist a couple pics of Eyelan Bear..
Just love that face!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everybody needs a potty!

What can I say about these? This is one of those self-cleaning, stand alone expensive, etc. etc. potties they tried in Seattle. They sort of turned into mini drug and prostitute houses...hahaha.... They are now being sold on eBay for about $84,000. Need a potty in your back yard? Have I got a deal for you!!! hahahahahaa......

Here we are at the Fisherman for lunch.

Yum yum. The sun was shining and the Sound was beautiful!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bus Ride to Seattle

These are our very good friends who must remain nameless to protect the innocent... (the what?)
What a fun day. Who would have thought we could have sooo much fun riding the bus?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sisters, Sisters...sisters

Way to go Tif!! We are so proud of you!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Only one ready to go home...Bye, til next year!

Such a lot of fun, so little time...

Grama and Jaimi were up to their usual shenanigans! Cute, don't you think?

They are standing on our deck... See how close the water is?

Grampa had fun!
Jaimi has always snuggled Grampa like this. Age changes nothing...isn't it great?

We were so happy Jaim came!

Jaimi came all the way from Missoula to relax with the "old folks" We just loved having her here!

The Sand Piper

See, right on the beach. The Sand Piper is so popular you usually have to make reservations a year in advance. We were lucky to get a big room on the third floor. See, the beach is just feet from the rooms...really cool!! (Actually, pretty cold as it rained some...)Here is Jaimi flying her kite.
The wind so strong I was surprised it didn't steal the kite away!

That would be...the author of this blog...the puttiest of the putters....that would be Jodie!!Ta-da!!! (Can you believe it?)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun at Ocean Shores

See them putt-putt putting. How fun. But! In the next picture you will see the girl with a hole in one...the lowest score of the day...and...the putting champion....

This is Bear, doing what Bear does...putting. Well, putt-putt putting, but putting just the same. Mom, Dad, Jaimi, Bear and I all went to Ocean Shores this last week and we had a ball!!! (No pun intended...haha). I thought it appropriate to start with this picture as Bear made the BIG sacrifice and went with us instead of joining the SOB Tournament (Sons of Brothers) with the Rushtons on Saturday. Way to go, Bear!! Such a family guy! Of course, one would expect him to excel in this mini golf game, but, alas...well, look at that... can you see it? That little blue ball stuck behind that big big the end of the day, Bear came in second...guess who came in first? on...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Eyelan Bear

You know what he is thinking...Am I lucky or what!!??

So, what do you think of me?

Tobias Eyelan Bear Seaman.

Now, that's a name! Sounds like royalty, don't you think?

Yea, me too.
Are these guys beautiful or what!!?? Natalie and her family came to visit this past couple of weeks. Though we didn't get to steal all of her time, we did get our share (we had to share). What a treat!!